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Conseils pour la santé de votre cœur : quatre stratégies pour avoir un cœur en santé

The road to improving your heart health can sometimes seem long because of too much information available, or because you have trouble getting rid of bad habits and change your lifestyle. But take a step back. Here are four simple tips that will guide you on the road to a healthier lifestyle for your heart.

1. Feeding

Like the food you eat, probably because you choose yourself. Other simple choices allow you to improve the health of your heart. According to the Foundation for heart disease and stroke, a heart-healthy diet should be low in saturated fat and cholesterol, to lower your cholesterol. It should also include foods low in sodium to help maintain normal blood pressure.

Your first step to a healthy diet? Planning. Follow a healthy diet for the heart is much easier if you take a moment to plan your meals for the week before you go to the grocery store. Aim for variety and balance and worship eat healthy. You will see that with proper meal planning, healthy food for the heart are very tasty.

2. Supplements

Even with proper planning, it can sometimes be difficult to get all the nutrients you need. That's why you should talk to your doctor about adding supplements to your diet. Mention her nutrient deficiencies, if any, that may influence your diet and taking supplements.

Ask if an omega-3 supplement may suit you to help you maintain healthy levels of triglycerides. The adequate vitamin D may play a crucial role in the health of your heart.

3. Physical activity

Being physically fit through regular physical activity can ask you a lot of effort, especially if you are more sedentary for a while. But physical activity is absolutely essential for maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system. Thirty minutes of exercise a day, five times a week is all it takes to enjoy its benefits, and many are on the health of your heart.

How to get in shape if you do not have time to go to the gym? Start by adding small periods of physical activity during the day. For example, avoid the elevator and take the stairs instead. Do exercises that use body weight as push-ups arms, lunges and squats. Instead of washing dishes after dinner, take care of your health. It is much more important! Take a walk in the fresh air of at least 10 minutes.

4. Sleep

Our last tip for the health of your heart is very simple: to continue to be active, you must also rest. Studies have shown that insufficient sleep is associated with increased risk factors for heart disease. Sleep eight hours every night should be an obvious choice.


Follow these strategies and advice of your doctor, and you'll be healthier.